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Cyprus' vet services doles out feline coronavirus medications

The treatment for feline infectious peritonitis will cost €100 per package of 40 tablets, or €2.50 per tablet, depending on the prescribed amount specified in the veterinary prescription


Source: Announcement

Upon thorough investigation by Veterinary Services in conjunction with the Cyprus Veterinary Association, it has been determined that the frequency of FIP cases has significantly increased this year compared to 2022. The rise in cases has prompted regulatory bodies to address this issue promptly.

To ensure efficient management of this situation, the Veterinary Pharmaceutical Council, as the authoritative body, has approved the use of human pharmaceuticals for coronavirus treatment in FIP cases. Following this approval, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment, upon recommendation from the Ministry of Health, has decided to allocate anti-viral medications previously employed for human use to treat FIP cases in cats.

These medications will be handed over to Veterinary Services by the Ministry of Health, and their distribution will be facilitated through the respective District Veterinary Offices. Citizens are advised to schedule appointments by calling the designated telephone numbers of the local Veterinary Offices, listed below:

Amochostos District Veterinary Office - 24 824555
Larnaca District Veterinary Office - 24 821275
Nicosia District Veterinary Office - 22805241
Limassol District Veterinary Office - 25 819512
Paphos District Veterinary Office - 26 821261

Collection of the medications will be performed by the guardian or caregiver of the animal. The prescribed amount of medication will be determined based on a prescription issued by the attending private veterinarian, overseeing the animal's condition. To validate the prescription, it must be accompanied by:

- Laboratory test results confirming the cat's FIP diagnosis
- A relevant medical recommendation from the private veterinarian
- A sworn statement from the guardian or caregiver, confirming that the animal under their care will exclusively utilize the medication for FIP treatment

Medications will be disbursed to the guardian or caregiver after the payment of €100 per package of 40 tablets, or €2.50 per tablet, depending on the prescribed amount specified in the veterinary prescription.

In light of this, the guardians/caregivers of afflicted animals are urged to adhere to the aforementioned procedure for more efficient assistance from Veterinary Services personnel.

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