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Dad schleps toy gun to school

Police say reports of father threatening principal with fake gun have been blown out of proportion


Police say media reports of a father pulling a fake gun on a kindergarten principal have been blown out of proportion.

Local media on Tuesday said a father, described by some media as a Bulgarian national, had threatened a kindergarten principal in Xylofagou, Famagusta, on Monday morning, where he went to discuss issues involving his son.

But police told Knews they had not received any complaint regarding a threat or use of a fake gun.

The boy wanted to carry his toy gun and the father was holding it at one point during his conversation with the principal

A police press officer confirmed with Knews that both the father and the principal had spoken with police over the phone, although it was not clear whether one or both phone calls took place before or after the alleged incident.

Police say there had been a visit by the father of the boy, who went to the kindergarten on Monday to discuss “school-related issues”.

According to police sources, the father was holding a toy gun during his exchange with the principal, saying his son insisted on carrying his toy from home and at one point the dad was holding it.

But police denied that any threat was made during the incident, adding that during their phone conversations with the father and the principal, there was no mention of any tension.

Knews understands that the father called the police initially to complain about the treatment of his son. The principal also later called the police to give his side of the story.

Police advised the father to take the issue to the school administration, telling Knews they had no basis to suspect a crime had been committed.

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