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Daily cases back to triple digits in Cyprus

Cypriot health minister urges people under 30 to get vaccinated as daily cases hit triple digits


Authorities in the Republic of Cyprus reported on Tuesday 122 new cases of COVID-19, after a period when daily numbers remained in the lower double digits.

According to the health ministry, 122 new COVID-19 cases detected on Tuesday brought the total to 73,832, with the positivity rate standing at 0.32%.

Hospitalized patients reached 47 with 19 of them described as being in serious condition, while COVID deaths remained at 378.

The latest numbers included 15 cases that were detected through the contact tracing method out of a total of 213 samples, while 3 travelers also tested positive following 2445 airport tests, according to government figures provide to the media.

There were also 17 cases detected through private imitative out of a total of 2600 samples, another 6 detected in 452 samples that were tested in state hospital labs, while 81 came from 31,022 rapid tests.

No case were reported from slightly over 900 tests done either through referral by primary care physicians or taken at private labs and pharmacies.

Earlier this week, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou urged younger age groups under 30 to get vaccinated, suggesting that the vast majority of daily cases or hospitalizations were citizens who never got the COVID vaccine. 

Last month vaccination history was taken out of health ministry reports on COVID-related deaths, citing difficulties in providing a full picture in each case due to privacy concerns. 

Current positivity rates from rapid tests per district were recorded as follows:

Nicosia - 0,12% from 11,476 tests
Limassol - 0,28% from 8,107 tests
Larnaca - 0,15% from 3,326 tests
Paphos - 0,21% from 3,741 tests
Famagusta – 1.12% from 2,585 tests


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