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Denmark's queen passes crown to new king in historic move

Queen Margrethe II steps down after 52 years, Denmark welcomes new monarch


Denmark entered a new era as Queen Margrethe II, the long-reigning monarch, handed over the role of sovereign to her son, Frederik X. The nation's prime minister made the proclamation, marking a significant moment in Danish history.

According to a Euronews report, the historic abdication took place at the Christiansborg Palace, where Queen Margrethe II, at 83 years old, signed the document relinquishing her throne on a Sunday.

This step immediately crowned her son Frederik X as the new king. Massive crowds gathered outside the palace, celebrating the transition from a beloved monarch to her popular son.

Notably, Queen Margrethe II is the first Danish monarch in nearly 900 years to voluntarily step down from the throne. The jubilant mood among the people reflected the rarity of the occasion, with thousands witnessing the first royal succession in over half a century, not caused by the death of a monarch.

During the abdication ceremony, Queen Margrethe II, wearing a magenta outfit, signed the document during a meeting with the Danish Cabinet at Christiansborg Palace.

After signing, she gestured to her son to take her place, leaving the room with a heartfelt "God save the king." This decision will leave Denmark with two queens, as Margrethe retains her title, and Frederik's Australian-born wife becomes Queen Mary. Their eldest son, Christian, will assume the role of crown prince and heir to the throne.

The abdication announcement came as a surprise on New Year's Eve, citing health issues. Even the prime minister was unaware of the queen’s intentions until right before the public announcement.

People from across Denmark gathered outside parliament, adorned with red and white Danish flags, expressing their support and curiosity about the unexpected turn of events.

Denmark's monarchy, tracing its origins to 10th-century Viking king Gorm the Old, stands as the oldest in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. Today, the royal family's duties are largely ceremonial, with no coronation ceremony. Instead, the prime minister formally proclaims the new monarch's ascension from the balcony of Christiansborg Palace.

As the nation absorbed this historic moment, Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens planned to celebrate with the biggest fireworks show in the park’s 180-year history.

A survey commissioned by Denmark’s public broadcaster DR revealed strong public support, with 79% believing Frederik was prepared to take the reins and 83% expressing confidence in his wife Mary as the future queen.

The Danish monarchy, known for its deep historical roots, now looks towards a new chapter under the reign of King Frederik X and Queen Mary.

[With information sourced from Euronews]

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