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Dentist couple fails to make bail

Man and woman accused of being “fake dentists” still in jail, criminal trial next month


The two dentists, who are being accused of practicing their profession illegally in Nicosia nad Limassol, are set to appear before a criminal court next month, while they remain in jail for failure to make bail.

The couple described in the media as “fake doctors” were arrested September 18 on multiple charges in violation as per dentist registration laws, with offences ranging from fraud, incitement to commit a crime, document forgery, circulating fraudulent documents, and illegal gains.

While no new evidence emerged during the first week of the investigation, a Nicosia judge agreed to a further eight-day remand based on investigators asking for more time to collect evidence.

The bail was set at €100,000 cash for the man and €40,000 for the woman, while both doctors had to sign a personal guarantee for €150,000 each

Knews learned that on October 5, when the two suspects appeared in court, they were ordered to remain in custody for failure to make bail.

Sources told Knews that the bail was set at €100,000 cash for the man and €40,000 for the woman, while both doctors had to sign a personal guarantee for €150,000 each.

The two dentists failed to meet the bail terms and will remain in custody.

Police believe several diplomas are not authentic, while the dentists deny that their diplomas are fake. The husband says he neglected to register them properly and the wife said she studied at a university and has been renewing her license without any gaps since 2010.

The dentists, who are both foreign nationals and have two children, have been practicing in Cyprus since 2010 according to reports, having set shop in the Strovolos area of Nicosia while maintaining a second practice in Limassol.

In addition to allegations of document fraud, the case was also based on a former employee’s complaint who told the Cyprus Dental Association back in 2016 that she overheard the male dentist telling another person on the phone that he could get any diploma he wanted.

The dentist duo is due to appear before a criminal court on November 8.

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