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Deputy Minister: ''Green line must not become immigrant corridor''

Nicholas Ioannides asserts government stance on migrants in Buffer Zone


Deputy Minister of Immigration and International Protection Nicholas Ioannides reaffirmed Tuesday that Cyprus is resolute in preventing the Green Line from becoming an "immigrant corridor," emphasizing that the Republic will not accept migrants currently residing in the buffer zone.

Following a visit to the "Pournara" First Reception Center, Ioannides underscored ongoing efforts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice to address the issue of migrants in the buffer zone.

"We have a clear stance: we will not accept them," Ioannides stated, highlighting the government's determination to avoid a repeat of past challenges associated with migration through the buffer zone.

Ioannides emphasized the government's daily efforts to ensure that migrants in the buffer zone receive necessary care until a resolution is reached.

When questioned about the ideal resolution to the issue, Ioannides proposed either repatriation of migrants to Turkey, their country of origin, or relocation to another country.


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