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Deputy Secretary to the President Vasilis Palmas resigns

Cited personal reasons but is linked to his close relationship with Nikos Christodoulidis

Marina Economides

Marina Economides

Deputy Undersecretary Vasilis Palmas cited personal reasons when he announced today his decision to resign from the government. Rumors of his resignation have long been circulating in the background, as he had made it clear to those close to him that in the event that Nicos Christodoulidis runs in the 2023 presidential elections, he will personally be at his side and try to persuade the Democratic Party to support him. There were, of course, rumors that Vasilis Palmas had taken over the pre-election campaign of Nicos Christodoulidis as he is adept in running election campaigns. Something of course that is not confirmed.

What has been said lately is that the climate was particularly tough for him and other government officials who have good relations with the former Foreign Minister and who did not come out to openly support DISY President Averof Neophytou.  According to DISY, DIPA party members reveled in their key government positions and benefited from good relations with the President, however, they never quite supported the ruling party.  Moreover, it is obvious that those from the Garoyian "camp" do not necessarily support the president of DISY just because they supported Anastasiades in the past.

It has not been ruled out that in the next period other resignations of government officials will follow, which apparently has something to do with the internal party opposition that exists in DISY.


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