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Discovery of five dead foxes sparks call for investigation

Cyprus' Animal Party demands inquiry following the mysterious deaths of five foxes


The Animal Party of Cyprus has once again called on the Minister of Interior, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, to initiate an immediate comprehensive scientific study by independent researchers following the recent discovery of five deceased foxes. The study aims to provide crucial population data and, notably, analyze the dietary habits of foxes.

In a statement released on Monday, the Animal Party expressed concerns, stating, "It seems that something is amiss with the fox's protection and the measures for managing and controlling its population by the Game and Fauna Service, which took responsibility for its population control in 2016."

The Animal Party has raised questions regarding the Game and Fauna Service's ability, based on the fox management plan, to organize specialized teams for culling, possess the authority for shooting, distribute specific cages for trapping, and engage in euthanasia in violation of the legislation it proposed and is obligated to uphold.

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