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Driver dies horrible death in Limassol accident

Limassol man killed when car crashed into row of trees and burst into flames in Akrotiri


A local man returning from a wedding celebration was killed in a horrible accident when his car crashed into a row of trees and burst into flames in Limassol.

SBA Akrotiri police said 23-year-old Aristotelis Agapiou from Limassol was driving his vehicle on Asomatos-Fasouri road on Sunday in the early morning hours when he lost control of the steering wheel under circumstances still pending investigation.

“The car repeatedly struck a row of cypress trees along the Asomatos-Fasouri road,” said SBA lieutenant Lakis Hadjichristodoulou.

Some local media speculated that Agapiou had burned to death after being trapped in his burning vehicle

Additional reports said the vehicle burst into flames following the crash, while police were notified by motorists who were slowing down to get a closer look at the car on fire. It was not immediately clear whether anyone had been identified as an eye witness.

Fire fighters who rushed to the scene managed to extinguish the fire and emergency rescuers were able to pull Agapiou’s charred remains away from the wreckage.

Some local media speculated that Agapiou had burned to death after being trapped as he could not exit the vehicle following the crash. 

Hadjichristodoulou said the driver was on his way home after having attended a wedding party. But the police lieutenant cautioned that the causes of the fatal accident were still under investigation by British Base authorities. 

A forensic pathologist from Greece is due to arrive in Cyprus, according to reports, to conduct the post mortem that is expected to show the exact cause of death.

No details were shared in the media regarding the circumstances under which Agapiou was driving at the moment of the crash.

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