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EAC poles severed and cables stolen in Agios Mamas

Lania's Police Station shaken by EAC pole sabotage


In a concerning incident reported on Wednesday, an assistant foreman at Lanias police station revealed a discovery that has sparked a police investigation.

Acting on a tip-off, the foreman found five EAC poles in Agios Mamas village brutally severed, their overhead cables stolen.

The police, led by the officer in charge, swiftly responded to the scene, conducting examinations that unveiled the violent removal of stakes and the theft of 900 meters of overhead cable.

Limassol CID members were summoned for fingerprinting and scientific examinations, thoroughly documenting the crime scene through photographs.

Preliminary estimates indicate the stakes' value at 2092 euros, while the stolen cables are valued at 4140 euros.

The complainant suggests the malicious act and theft might have occurred between January 15 and 17, further complicating investigations due to the targeted lines solely electrifying an isolated irrigation water pump.

Authorities are diligently pursuing leads and conducting ongoing investigations at the Lania Police Station.

Stay tuned for updates as law enforcement works to identify and apprehend the unknown culprits behind this brazen act of vandalism and theft.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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