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Easter Table: Lamb and Flaounes more expensive

Fierce competition between supermarkets has led to price reductions on some products

The price of lamb has skyrocketed to an average of 11.5-12 euros per kilo this year, while last year it was 8-8.5 euros per kilo on average. At the same time, the price of another Easter product, flaounes, is also high, specifically 18 euros per kilo on average, while last year it was 14 euros.

This was the information provided by Mario Antoniou, Secretary-General of the Pan-Cypriot Retail Trade Association, in the DIASPORA NEWS PODCAST hosted by Oriana Papantoniou, emphasizing that the rise in prices is due to the soaring cost of raw materials, mainly energy.

He stated that in recent times there has been stability in product prices, but unfortunately at high levels. He added that due to the high cost of lamb, people are turning to pork, which is sold at half the price.

The positive element, he emphasized, is that the fierce competition between supermarkets has led to a reduction in prices for some products. Mr. Antoniou specifically referred to the special label products of supermarkets, which are at lower prices and are of good quality.

At the same time, traditional Easter pastries, such as tsourekia and koulourakia, are in abundant supply and their prices have not increased significantly. Stores will be open on Good Friday and Easter Saturday until 7 pm and will be closed on Easter Sunday and Monday.



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