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Christodoulos Vassiliadis denies offering services to sanctioned Russian oligarch

CEO of Christodoulos C. Vassiliadis & Co. Ltd. to pursue removal from relevant sanctions list

Source: CNA

"We did not provide services to a person subject to sanctions," says Christodoulos Vassiliadis.

The CEO of Christodoulos C. Vassiliadis & Co. Ltd. denies that his firm offered services to a person included in the sanction lists and announced that it will proceed with procedures to remove the company from the UK's sanctions list.

"We did not offer any assistance or services to any person included in the relevant sanction lists, in violation of them," Vassiliadis said in a statement, adding: "On the contrary, we complied and continue to comply with them and with what they provide and/or entail."

He also notes that he is proceeding "with all the procedures provided for to the competent authorities of the United Kingdom and the United States of America with a view to our removal from the relevant lists".

"Our strength is our professionalism and our commitment to winning," he concludes.

The British Foreign Office said yesterday that Christodoulos Vassiliadis, along with another financial services provider, were placed on the British government's sanctions list because of their professional association with Russian oligarchs Roman Abramovich and Aliyev Usmanov, who are also under sanctions because of their links to the Putin regime.

[Information from CNA]

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