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Elderly man found dead on hiking trail

Police not ruling out medical incident for elderly man spotted unconscious by mountain climbers


An elderly man was pronounced dead on Sunday after a nature outing where he is believed to have fallen into a ditch on a registered footpath trail in Troodos.

According to police, the dispatcher was notified Sunday morning around 11:45 about an unconscious male along the Artermis nature trail in Troodos Mountains.

Police said 75-year-old Andreas Kaes from Nicosia was spotted by a couple of mountain climbers who notified authorities, with reports saying the elderly man was believed to have gone on a hike by himself.

It was not clear how long he had been unconscious while investigators were examining the possibility he might have suffered a medical event

Emergency rescuers rushed to the scene where they found Kaes in a ditch about three meters deep. The unconscious man was pulled to the surface and air lifted to Limassol General Hospital, where doctors on duty pronounced him dead on arrival.

It was not immediately clear how long Kaes had been unconscious while additional media reports said investigators were examining the possibility he might have suffered a medical event. Knews understands there were no reports of him having gone missing.

Platres police station is investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The Artemis nature trail is a registered circular footpath in Limassol district, with degree of difficulty labeled “easy” at Level 1.

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