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Elderly woman left without clothes in General Hospital (image)

Who's to blame for this shameful act?

Dr. Marios Kyriazis, a gerontologist, posted a complaint on social media about the condition of a patient in a general hospital in Cyprus. His post is titled "The Shame of the State" and is accompanied by a photo of an elderly woman who, as Mr. Kyriazis says, was in a "desperate condition".

The article below:

"The State's Disgrace

"Yesterday, I was in a general hospital in Cyprus. The winter of 2023. You must begin here, Mr. New President of the Republic. First and foremost, vulnerable patients, then everything else. Who's to blame....the nurses, doctors, family members, caregivers, managers, the ministry, or society? I'm not sure.

"I don't care if someone is punished, but I don't accept that the patient is punished. We should all be ashamed.

(PS. If you enlarge the photo you will see that this patient is holding the bed rail tightly with her right hand, to the point where her fingers are white from the grip. This shows how desperate a state she was in, and how much she was suffering.)"


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