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Electricity is supplied from the free areas to the occupied areas

Blackouts continue to plague Turkish Cypriots

Source: CNA

The Government of the Republic responded to a request from the Turkish Cypriot side asking for an allotment of electricity during specific hours, according to CNA.

From the 23rd of December until today, electricity has been routed to the Turkish Cypriot side at their request through the existing connection between the two grids, at around 1600 and 2130 local time, which are considered peak hours for electricity demand.

There have been no new requests from the T/C side for the extension of the power supply, according to CNA.

It is noted that the T/ C side owes about 2100 megawatts of electricity that has been granted to it between August and October, which is expected to be returned through the interconnection network of the two systems.

Power outages continue to plague the occupied areas due to a problem with 4 of their electricity generators.  According to local news agency Haber Kibris, a power outage is scheduled for tomorrow in the area of ​​Lefka between 9 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon due to a fault.


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