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Electricity prices surge by 3% in latest billing cycle

EAC Spokeswoman clarifies allocation


In a recent development, electricity prices have witnessed a notable uptick, surging by 3% when compared to the preceding month. Christina Papadopoulou, the spokesperson for EAC (the electricity authority), elucidated that a significant portion of this increase, amounting to 1.20%, is earmarked for third-party entities rather than being allocated to EAC.

Simultaneously, the arrival of new electricity bills in households has stirred disquiet among consumers. Many are grappling with significantly higher bills compared to the same period in the previous year.

EAC's spokesperson informed SPOR FM and DIASPORA, attributing this surge in electricity bills to two primary factors. Firstly, the escalation in fuel prices has inevitably led to an upward trajectory in electricity costs. Secondly, the scorching summer experienced this year, ranking among the hottest in recent memory, has resulted in heightened electricity consumption.

In light of these challenges, Ms. Papadopoulou emphasized a convenience for consumers, reminding them of the option to settle their bills in two or three installments, offering some relief amid the increased financial burden.

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