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Erdogan calls for global recognition of 'TRNC' in defiant UN speech

The Turkish President's bold plea sparks international debate amidst global diplomacy


In his address to the UN General Assembly, the Turkish President expressed doubts about the feasibility of a solution on the island based on the federal model, despite the sincere efforts put forth by the Turkish Cypriot side.  "Despite the sincere efforts of the Turkish Cypriot side, it is a fact that a solution on the island cannot be achieved on the basis of the federal model," the Turkish President said during his remarks at the UN General Assembly.

During his speech, the President urged the international community to embrace the so-called TRNC's independence and establish diplomatic, political, and economic relations with the region. He emphasized the need for the United Nations Peacekeeping Force on the island to uphold its mandated impartiality, expressing concerns about any further damage to its reputation in Cyprus.

Addressing the European Union, the Turkish President pointed out that the EU has obligations towards Turkey that must be fulfilled, calling for an end to its ambivalent stance.

Additionally, the Turkish President took a clear stance on the ongoing Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict, unequivocally supporting Baku's claim to Karabakh and criticizing Armenia for not seizing historic opportunities.

In response to these statements, diplomatic sources in Nicosia expressed no surprise, stating that they had not anticipated any deviation from Erdogan's usual stance on the Cyprus issue. They are keenly awaiting developments following the Turkish President's upcoming meeting with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, scheduled to occur in New York.

[This report includes information sourced from Anadolu and CNA]

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