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ETIAS set to enforced by November 2023

As fundamental rights guidance board starts its work to ensure no violations of rights

Source: Schengen Visa Info

The work on the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) has moved forward, with the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) revealing on Monday that a new body will be responsible to ensure the system functions in accordance with fundamental rights has started its work.

In a press release, the agency has announced that the new body, called the Fundamental Rights Guidance Board, will be responsible for carrying out systematic evaluations on the ETIAS regarding privacy, data protection and non-discrimination.

The same will then make recommendations to the ETIAS Screening Board based on these evaluations, reports.

According to Frontex, its Fundamental Rights Office has brought together experts from several entities within and outside the agency, electing as chairperson Sebastian Hümmeler from the European Data Protection Board. Whereas Jonas Grimheden, who is Frontex’s Fundamental Rights Officer, has been elected as deputy chairperson.

“The Guidance Board is composed of representatives of the Frontex Fundamental Rights Officer, the Consultative Forum on Fundamental Rights of Frontex, the European Data Protection Supervisor, the European Data Protection Board and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights,” Frontex notes in its press release, further highlighting that the composition of the board is set by the Article 10(2) of the ETIAS Regulation.

With the approach of the launch of the ETIAS, scheduled for November 1, 2023, Frontex and other EU agencies are working more intensively in meeting the deadlines for the ETIAS to become effective on the foreseen date without any hurdles.

Less than two weeks ago, reported that the team working in the central unit of ETIAS has increased twice in number in recent months in order to be able to complete all work on time, reaching a number of 56 new employees, mainly in the positions of applications handlers and support operators for traveler and carriers.

According to the Director of the ETIAS Division in Frontex, François Laruelle, his team is intensively working on the launch of ETIAS, and it will continue having its hands full in the coming months.

“Our operators will be working 24/7 to make border control for travelers as smooth as possible while keeping Europe safe,” Director Laruelle said.

It had previously been expected for the ETIAS to come into force on May 2023, but then the EU quietly postponed the ETIAS launch to November 1, 2023. From that date on, travelers from over 60 world countries, including British citizens, Americans, and Canadians, will need to obtain online travel authorization before their trip to the Schengen Area countries. The application will cost €7 and will be valid for a period of two years at first.

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