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EU funded project aims to shatter migrant prejudices

The initiative aims to empower communities through understanding and inclusion


The Advisory Centre for Family Support (SYKESO) has announced the launch of the ISOTITA project, a new initiative aimed at helping migrant and refugee women integrate into Cypriot society. Funded by the European Solidarity Corps, ISOTITA stands for Inclusion, Solidarity, Openness, Trust, Independence, Teamwork, and Achievement.

According to SYKESO, the project aims to break down stereotypes and support the social inclusion of migrant and refugee women. To achieve this, ISOTITA will organize multicultural meetings where migrant and Cypriot women can come together, share their cultures, and build connections in a safe environment.

These meetings will feature activities such as sharing traditional foods, dances, and songs from different cultures. Participants will also have the chance to learn basic words and phrases from each other's languages. This cultural exchange is intended to help women from different backgrounds feel more connected and accepted in the local community.

The project will culminate in a Multicultural Mini Festival, celebrating the diversity and unity fostered through these gatherings. The ISOTITA project, which started in April, will run until March 2025, providing ongoing support and opportunities for cultural exchange.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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