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Eurobank expands scholarship program to Cyprus

Bank's 21-year initiative broadens horizons, offering scholarships and career pathways for graduates in Greece, Cyprus, and beyond.


Eurobank Group is bringing its long-standing "Forward for Education" initiative to Cyprus, unveiling a new chapter in the program's 21-year history. The announcement was made during a ceremony in Athens on January 15, 2024, honoring 384 high school graduates from Attica and Central Greece.

The expansion aims to address current needs and better connect education with practical skills and job opportunities. Eurobank Group plans to cover the costs of a professional postgraduate program called "Digital Transformation" at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Graduates from this program will have the chance to work with the bank. Additionally, support will be provided for the CollegeLink platform, connecting students and bank staff.

During the event, Eurobank's CEO, Mr. Phokion Karavias, emphasized the bank's commitment to supporting young talents as they start their professional journeys.

The enhanced program offers 35 scholarships annually for the "Digital Transformation" postgraduate program to graduates from universities in Greece, Cyprus, and abroad. The top 10 graduates will also have opportunities to join Eurobank offices in Greece or Cyprus.

Eurobank's Deputy CEO, Mr. Stavros Ioannou, said, "The upgraded 'Forward for Education' program, after 21 years of continuous support to young people, is enriched with new dynamic initiatives to connect education with job opportunities."

The improved program focuses on three main areas:

1. Specialization: Eurobank is funding the "Digital Transformation" program, aiming to fill some positions with its employees.

2. Job Market Connection: Support for the "" platform, helping young people train, network, and find job opportunities.

3. Recognition: Eurobank continues its reward program for excellence, supporting the Ministry of Education. Since 2003, the bank has allocated €21 million for awards, benefiting 22,572 excellent students.

The upgraded "Forward for Education" program reflects Eurobank's commitment to nurturing a dynamic pool of young talents with modern standards in the Cypriot market, contributing to the growth of the Eurobank Group.

More information can be found here: "Forward for Education": you are ahead when you are ready | Eurobank

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