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Landmark golden passport trial begins Feb 15

Foreign investors' naturalization trial unveiled


The Nicosia Criminal Court gears up for a high-stakes trial in five months, probing the naturalization of foreign investors and a potential twist involving a Chinese businessman.

As reported by Philenews, Antonis Antoniou, the third defendant, asserts his innocence during today's proceedings, challenging the charges.

Antoniou's lawyer, Andreas Pittadjis, maneuvers strategically, seeking findings from the Nicolatos investigative committee and highlighting the need for evidence disclosure in the defense.

Pittadjis requests crucial documents, including a letter from the Ministry of Interior to the Auditor General, alleging arbitrary criteria in naturalization cases.

Amidst the legal drama, the prosecuting authority grapples with testimonial material, requesting time to study the case. Changes in the functions of the Legal Service handling the case add complexity, as Pittadjis proposes an interim date to iron out testimonial issues with the prosecution.

In a bid to streamline proceedings, Pittadjis plans to present acceptable facts, sparing the need for certain prosecution witnesses. The court sets February 15th for scheduling, setting the stage for pivotal developments.

Accused in the corruption-laden case are former Parliament President Demitris Syllouris, ex-MP Christakis Giovanis, and executive Antonis Antoniou.

Notably, Pittadjis, acquitted on November 11th, transitions to defend Antoniou in a legal narrative encompassing five charges of corruption offenses and conspiracy to commit bribery.

As Cyprus braces for legal fireworks, stay tuned for updates on this intricate tale of power, influence, and the pursuit of justice.

[With information sourced from Philenews]

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