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European warrants tie four lawyers to E/C property sales

Italian stay prolonged for Turkish Cypriot lawyer


In a significant legal development, the Republic of Cyprus has issued arrest warrants through Europol for four lawyers in the occupied territories, as reported by Yeni Bakis.

Notably, Turkish Cypriot lawyer Akan Kioursiat and his politically connected wife, Fezillette Ozdenfe, are said to have taken a "VIP" journey from the illegal Tympou airport, via Istanbul, to Rome.

Yesterday, the T/C newspaper promised fresh insights into Mr. Kırsiat's arrest, and today's report confirms that the detention order for the Turkish Cypriot lawyer in Italy has been extended until January 16.

The European arrest warrant, applicable to the other four lawyers in the occupied territories, centers around the sale of E/C property in those areas, opening the possibility of their arrest in any European country they visit.

Dialloğ has prominently featured this case on its front page for three consecutive days. Under the headline "The situation is serious," the newspaper reveals that the Police of the Republic of Cyprus has dispatched all necessary extradition documents to Italy.

The process is expected to conclude within 10 days, according to statements by Police Spokesman Christos Andreou to the Greek Cypriot media.

Interestingly, amidst these legal maneuvers, there is a notable absence of commentary or response from the Turkish Cypriot side, adding an element of mystery to the unfolding situation.

The silence from this perspective raises questions about the broader implications and potential diplomatic repercussions tied to these legal proceedings.

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