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Fake emails impersonate Cyprus police chief

Citizens alerted to scam emails falsely signed by police chief Papatheodorou


In a troubling trend, cybercriminals are impersonating the Cyprus Police to deceive and exploit citizens through misleading emails and messages.

Recent reports indicate that fraudulent emails, appearing to be signed by the Chief of Police, Stelios Papatheodorou, have been sent to numerous recipients. These messages often suggest that the recipient is under investigation for cybercrime, presenting an attached notice supposedly detailing their involvement.

24news reached out to the police press office for clarification. A spokesperson confirmed that this tactic is not new. Criminals have repeatedly misused the police's name and authority to mislead the public.

In response to these scams, the Cyprus Police regularly update their website with warnings, especially when there is a surge in such activities. A recent announcement highlighted the persistent nature of these fraudulent schemes:

"The police re-inform citizens that fraud continues with suspected misleading emails sent en masse, falsely presenting the Cyprus Police as the sender. These emails originate from fake addresses and include forged letters and logos of the Cyprus Police and Interpol. They falsely accuse recipients of involvement in serious criminal offenses such as internet crimes, child pornography, and rape."

The announcement emphasized that these messages are entirely fake and the Cyprus Police would never send such communications to citizens or organizations. The public is urged to be vigilant and not respond to these fraudulent messages.

If citizens receive suspicious emails, they should report them to the police immediately and avoid any further communication with the senders. To verify any claims or concerns, the public should use official police communication channels, such as visiting local police stations.

The Cyprus Police continue to combat these fraudulent schemes and encourage citizens to stay informed and cautious to avoid falling victim to these malicious tactics.

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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