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Government prioritizes cross-border electricity links at EU council

EU adopts conclusions for modernizing sustainable electricity grids

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Electricity interconnection with third countries is a constant priority for Cyprus, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry, Marios Panayides, told the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council of the EU, which took place in its Energy Ministers configuration in Brussels on Thursday.

Moreover, he noted that the REPowerEU programme has helped Cyprus, despite the country's lack of dependence on Russian fossil fuels, to boost energy savings and accelerate the development of renewable energy sources.

According to a press release released by the PIO, the member states adopted Council conclusions on the development of sustainable electricity grids, with the aim of faster development and modernisation of grids, through strengthening interconnections and infrastructure security, collective planning and support for the development of offshore renewable energy production.

In his intervention, Panayides expressed Cyprus' satisfaction with the fact that the conclusions made reference to the need for increased interconnectivity, especially for isolated energy systems such as that of Cyprus, and noted that the conclusions adopted can make a positive contribution to the discussions which will be held during the next institutional cycle.

Panayides added that electricity interconnection with third partner countries is a constant priority for Cyprus, taking note of the fact that the Council conclusions recognise the direct threat from certain third countries to the security of the EU, according to the press release.

The Ministers also discussed the lessons learned from the implementation of the REPowerEU programme and the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels from Russia, the increase in the use of renewable energy sources, and the creation of a more flexible electricity market.

According to the press release, Panayides stressed that REPowerEU helped Cyprus, even though the country had no dependence on Russian fossil fuels at all, because it contributed to enhancing energy savings and accelerating the development of renewable energy sources. He added that high energy prices required continued efforts to reduce dependencies, diversify energy supply sources and further develop renewable energy.

The Permanent Secretary briefed the other member states on Cyprus' efforts to reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels through investments in improving energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy in buildings, businesses and industry. He also underlined the importance of additional funding for the transition from both the state and the private sector.

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