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''Restoration of Larnaca port project could take years,'' says transport minister

No legal obstacles to re-declaring Larnaca port project, legal service confirms


The initial steps toward determining the future of Larnaca's port and marina will commence this afternoon as the Minister of Transport, Communications, and Works meets with the municipality and relevant city authorities. This follows discussions in the House Transportation Committee, where it was made clear that restoring the project to its previous state before the contractor's termination will take years.

Transport Minister Alexis Vafeadis stated the need to outline the state's options, announcing the immediate formation of a working group within the Ministry. He emphasized that the perspectives of the municipality and Larnaca's organised bodies would be significantly considered. Vafeadis highlighted the importance of quickly restoring the project, but noted, "This project is not for us, it is for our children," underscoring the need for proper development in Larnaca.

Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides detailed the procedures necessary for re-announcing the project, indicating that new sustainability studies and a subsequent new assignment are required, a process that will span years.

A Legal Service spokesperson mentioned that no court order currently prevents the state from moving forward with re-declaring the project, although the process remains inherently time-consuming.

The Cyprus Ports Authority has expressed its willingness to invest in the port and possibly the marina, a solution that Larnaca Mayor Andreas Vyras believes could speed up the process.

Vafeadis also assured that the issue with the contractor's employees would be resolved soon, guaranteeing their involvement in the port's work, as per agreements with the unions.

The contractor termed the termination of the agreement a tragic development for Larnaca's residents and city. The company's legal advisor, George Georgiou, cited a lack of communication and understanding with the government, which he claimed refused to discuss the differences and insisted there was a breach of contract.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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