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Fatal shooting of Thanasis Kalogeropoulos shakes Limassol

55-year-old victim shot dead on Amathus beach boulevard. Assailants still at large as investigations continue


Tragedy struck on the morning of October 30th when 55-year-old Thanasis Kalogeropoulos became the victim of a fatal shooting on Amathus Beach Boulevard in Limassol. The assailants appeared to have intricate knowledge of the victim's routines, as it was reported that he frequented this specific location for swimming.

Authorities received information about the incident shortly after 8:00 a.m., leading to the immediate cordoning off of the crime scene. Preliminary investigations suggest that Kalogeropoulos was shot dead during the attack.

The sequence of events unfolded as follows: Kalogeropoulos, who had arrived in the area for a morning swim, was attempting to park his car near a bar. It was at this point that the attackers arrived in a vehicle and opened fire on him. In an attempt to escape, Kalogeropoulos drove a few meters before the assailants fired again, ultimately inflicting fatal injuries.

The two assailants quickly fled the scene in their vehicle, which was later discovered burned in the Germasogeia area. Inside the burnt vehicle, authorities found two firearms – a pistol and an automatic military rifle. These weapons are believed to have been used in the attack on Kalogeropoulos.

The ongoing investigations emphasize the victim's known connections with law enforcement agencies. Lefteris Kyriakou, head of the Limassol Criminal Investigation Department (CID), described the murder as a meticulously planned operation. Authorities received reports of gunfire near a seaside restaurant on Amathounta Avenue around 8:30 a.m.

Kyriakou provided additional details, stating that Kalogeropoulos, formerly a resident of Limassol, was in his vehicle when he was shot and killed. An ambulance from Limassol General Hospital confirmed his lack of vital signs.

A team from the Forensic Investigation Service, led by the Director of YPEGE and accompanied by key law enforcement personnel, conducted on-site examinations, with investigations ongoing.

Preliminary findings indicate that Kalogeropoulos had driven to his usual morning destination for walking and swimming. Another vehicle, apparently following him, discharged two individuals wearing concealed faces who opened fire and then fled westward in their vehicle.

The assailants' vehicle was discovered ablaze shortly afterward, northwards toward Germasoyia village, with certain pieces of evidence found inside.

Regarding the victim's prior involvement in various criminal activities, Kyriakou confirmed that Kalogeropoulos was a known figure to authorities and had been involved in various cases. Efforts are underway to identify individuals with whom he had dealings.

When questioned about the nature of the incident, Kyriakou commented that it appeared to be a highly calculated and well-planned operation. Investigations are ongoing, and further details are yet to emerge.

The crime scene remains sealed off, and forensic pathologist Angeliki Papetta conducted an autopsy as part of the ongoing investigations.


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