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Fire destroys server room in Nicosia morgue

Fire fighters responded to an emergency at the mortuary of Nicosia General Hospital


A fire broke out Tuesday morning in the server room of the morgue at Nicosia General Hospital, with fire fighters managing to put it out before it could spread in adjacent areas.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, a fire broke out around 7:10am in the server room of the mortuary, which is adjacent to the hospital.

Fire fighters responded to the emergency with two fire trucks while carbon dioxide fire extinguishers reportedly had to be used due to the nature of the fire. They were able to take away the oxygen rapidly and remove the heat with a super cold discharge, thus more quickly preventing the fire from spreading to other areas on the premises.

People were not in any danger during the fire, while several damages were reported inside the server room.

Authorities did not offer statements regarding the cause of fire.

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