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First aid shipment has been driven across Gaza pier, says US military

U.S. aid pier opens for Gaza as land routes remain restricted

Source: AP

Trucks loaded with essential aid for the Gaza Strip entered the enclave via a newly constructed U.S. pier on Friday. This marked the first delivery of its kind as Israeli restrictions and ongoing conflict have hampered land-based aid efforts.

The operation, spearheaded by American military officials, is envisioned to potentially increase to 150 truckloads daily. However, concerns persist over the project's sustainability and effectiveness, given the limitations posed by the ongoing conflict and logistical challenges.

Aid agencies have raised alarms about dwindling supplies in Gaza, with warnings of famine in certain areas. While the U.S. emphasizes the humanitarian nature of the initiative, the reliance on maritime delivery underscores the limitations of land-based aid routes.

The aid, totaling around 500 tons in the initial shipment, is coordinated with Israel and distributed by aid groups. Yet, questions remain regarding the safety of aid workers and the potential for disruption by ongoing hostilities.

The pier, installed by the U.S. military, receives aid collected and inspected in Cyprus before being transported to the Gaza coast. From there, trucks ferry the supplies to shore, with security oversight provided by Israeli forces and U.S. Navy warships.

Despite efforts to alleviate suffering, concerns persist over the viability of the maritime route amid ongoing conflict and logistical challenges.


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