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U.S. ship departs Larnaca for Gaza with humanitarian aid

American vessel sets sail from Cyprus to deliver crucial supplies through U.S.-built floating pier in Gaza


A U.S.-flagged ship departed from the port of Larnaca in Cyprus on Thursday morning, set to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza residents through a floating pier constructed by the United States. According to maritime transport monitoring websites cited by Reuters, the vessel is expected to reach the Palestinian enclave soon.

U.S. officials have confirmed that the ship will be utilized to unload supplies at the floating pier, aimed at expediting aid delivery to Gaza. While there was no immediate comment from Cypriot authorities, they had previously indicated that the ship would sail once the floating platform was in place, contingent upon weather conditions.

The American merchant ship Sagamore, laden with humanitarian aid from the United States, Britain, and Cyprus, embarked for Gaza before noon. According to Deputy Government Spokesman Yiannis Antoniou, the vessel is carrying a significant cargo of aid destined for Palestinians in need.

"The platform is expected to be ready by the time the ship arrives," Antoniou stated, highlighting preparations for the seamless unloading and distribution of aid upon the vessel's arrival in Gaza. 

[Source: Reuters]


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