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Gaza floating pier project approaches finish line

US central command: Temporary pier to enhance aid delivery in Gaza

Newsroom / CNA

The construction of the floating pier, is expected to be completed in the coming days, sources told CNA as regards works by the US for a floating unit to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid by ships to Gaza.

Competent sources told CNA that the construction of the floating pier was progressing and that it was expected to be completed in the coming days. Cyprus launched earlier this year the 'Amalthea' project for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza via the port of Larnaca.

According to a recent announcement by the United States Central Command, once in place, the temporary pier in Gaza will enable the delivery of large quantities of humanitarian aid from ship to shore by truck, with vehicles driving directly off ships and across the temporary pier to a marshalling yard ashore.

It also notes that the maritime corridor between Cyprus and Gaza facilitates international humanitarian assistance deliveries by sea.

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