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Fog and sporadic showers across inland areas

Cyprus set for intermittent clouds and thunderstorms


Residents across the region are experiencing shifts in weather patterns as a low-pressure system continues to exert its influence.

The day began with the dissipation of local thin fog and low clouds, paving the way for partially cloudy conditions with intermittent cloudy intervals. Meteorologists predict a gradual transition, especially during midday and beyond, towards localized showers and isolated thunderstorms.

Hail is anticipated to accompany these thunderstorms, prompting cautionary measures as visibility may become temporarily restricted. Moreover, higher elevations, notably the Troodos peaks, are expected to witness snowfall or sleet.

Winds are projected to predominantly blow from southeast to southwest, registering as light to moderate, ranging between 3 to 4 Beaufort. Consequently, sea conditions are expected to be slightly turbulent.

Temperature variations are also on the horizon, with temperatures forecasted to reach around 16 degrees Celsius inland, approximately 18 degrees along the coastal regions, and descending to 8 degrees in the higher mountainous areas.

As evening approaches, the weather will maintain its partially cloudy disposition, occasionally interspersed with localized cloudy spells. The likelihood of isolated showers and sporadic thunderstorms, predominantly in coastal regions, persists. Hail remains a concern during thunderstorms, and inland areas, as well as the eastern territories, may experience the formation of thin fog or mist during the early morning hours.

Wind patterns are anticipated to be variable, yet light, maintaining a 3 Beaufort level. Sea conditions will range from calm to slightly turbulent.

Temperature fluctuations are expected, with readings dropping to approximately 6 degrees Celsius inland, around 10 degrees along the coast, and plummeting to 1 degree in the higher mountainous regions, where local frost may manifest.

Looking ahead, Friday and Saturday are poised to feature intermittent cloudy conditions, with localized showers and isolated thunderstorms looming. The potential for hail during thunderstorms remains, while snow or sleet may grace the higher elevations of Troodos.

Sunday heralds locally intensified cloud cover, intermittently punctuated by isolated showers and possible thunderstorms. Hail remains a concern during thunderstorms, with the potential for snow or sleet on the peaks of Troodos.

Temperature-wise, Friday will see minimal fluctuations, while Saturday may experience a slight uptick, and Sunday is forecasted to maintain similar levels, slightly exceeding the average climatological norms for this time of year.

As the region navigates these weather variations, residents are advised to stay abreast of updates and exercise caution when venturing outdoors.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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