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Foreign Minister urges peace in Israel-Palestine at EU Council

EU Council tackles Israel-Palestine crisis

Newsroom / CNA

Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos stressed that there’s an urgent need for de-escalation and for the creation of the political horizon that will lead to a two state solution in Israel - Palestine, ahead of his participation in the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU being held in Luxembourg on Monday.

Also, ahead of a discussion on the situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Kombos referred to the need to keep EU relations with Azerbaijan under active and constant review.

The agenda of the meeting also includes a discussion on the Russian aggression against Ukraine, focusing on security commitments. At the end of the formal Foreign Affairs Council, EU ministers will attend the 19th EU-Central Asia ministerial meeting with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

In his statement upon his arrival, Kombos referred to the situation regarding Armenia and the situation in the Middle East.

Regarding the Middle East, Kombos reiterated that “we unreservedly and unequivocally condemn the terrorist attacks by Hamas” stressing that “terrorism has no excuse whatsoever”.

“We recognise Israel’s right to self defence, within the limits of international law and international humanitarian law, and that includes the protection of civilians” he added.

“We call for the immediate release and unconditional release of all hostages, and for increased humanitarian assistance to the people in the region. At the same, there is urgent need for de-escalation. We must work towards creating the political horizon leading to a two state solution. In the fog of war, we must search for the light” he stressed.

On Armenia, the Foreign Minister said that the EU’s “commitment to the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of all states should be translated into concrete and tangible support for Armenia and its people. That is political, financial and humanitarian support”.

“At the same time, our relations with Azerbaijan must remain under active and constant review”, Kombos underlined.

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