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Four injured in Ayia Napa shooting

Manhunt underway for suspect in Ayia Napa botched mob hit


Four people were critically injured during a shooting in Ayia Napa on Sunday, with reports saying the actual target was a businessman who had just left the area moments earlier.

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Police are investigating a shooting in Ayia Napa, after a several people were seriously injured on Sunday early morning, at a popular cafeteria. The incident took place around 2am when an unknown male, who approached the place on foot, pulled out a firearm and started shooting according to reports.

Video footage obtained by Kathimerini Cyprus appeared to show a suspect outside the cafeteria firing some 25 rounds before running away.

According to a police statement, four people in the cafeteria were seriously injured, including a woman aged 26 and three men, two 38-year-olds and one aged 32.

The victims were rushed to the Emergency Room at Famagusta General Hospital where doctors on duty said their condition was critical but not in any immediate danger.

Additional reports said police investigators were sifting through security camera footage in the area, while a gun linked to the incident was reportedly found at a nearby museum, some 200 metres from the cafeteria.

Some media also described the incident as a mafia-hit-gone-wrong, citing the fact that the target, thought to be a well known local businessman, had left the cafeteria 15-20 minutes before the shooting took place while the victims were said to have been sitting at his table.

Ayia Napa police did not offer details on the shooting victims while some media described them as innocent bystanders.

Police are investigating the incident while a manhunt is currently underway to locate the suspect.

Story has been updated with video footage and additional details

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