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Four Seasons yacht plans 130 port visits in 30 countries

Onassis' legacy inspires: Inside Four Seasons yachts' opulent design

Andreas Karamitas

In the bustling cruise market, Four Seasons Yachts has made a splash, unveiling its inaugural vessel flaunting 95 opulent suites and set to embark on its maiden voyage come January 2026.

As reported by Bloomberg, a luxurious seven-night escapade in the Caribbean commands a princely sum of $20,000 per suite, soaring to a staggering $330,000 for the lavish glass suite spanning almost 930 square meters, positioned majestically at the forefront of the ship, overlooking its iconic funnel.

However, within this lofty $47,000 per night price tag, patrons are treated only to complimentary champagne and breakfast. Yet, the onboard culinary experience mirrors the renowned standards of Four Seasons hotels, adorned with Michelin stars. Notably, Four Seasons Yachts sets its sights not on conventional travelers but on the esteemed clientele of Four Seasons Hotels Ltd., catering exclusively to their discerning tastes, with a menu tailored à la carte.

Indeed, what customers are investing in with these exorbitant sums is not merely a voyage but an unparalleled experience aboard the vessel. The Four Seasons 1, with its impressive capacity and expansive dimensions—equivalent to those of cruise ships accommodating 700 passengers—yet with an intimate limit of 220 guests, stands as a testament to luxury at sea, with a construction cost totaling a staggering €400 million.

Thatcher Brown, the visionary CEO of Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings Ltd., which co-owns and manages Four Seasons Yachts, poetically describes their creation to Bloomberg: "What we're fashioning is neither a cruise ship nor a yacht—it's a pioneering hybrid, destined to redefine the standards of maritime elegance."

Elegance redefined - Inspired by Onassis' legacy

Drawing inspiration from Aristotle Onassis' legendary yacht CHRISTINA, now available for private charter, the vessel's initial designs pay homage to this iconic maritime heritage. Notably, the pool—a sprawling 30 meters aboard the Four Seasons 1—echoes the grandeur of its counterpart on the CHRISTINA O. Crafted by Swedish naval architects Tillburg, in collaboration with luxury aficionado Prosper Assouline, every suite boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and private terraces, with even the smallest exceeding 50 square meters. The pinnacle of indulgence is reached with the top-tier suites resembling private villas, complete with outdoor pools.

The epitome of luxury - The funnel suite

At the pinnacle of extravagance lies the "Funnel" suite, spanning four levels and accommodating up to six discerning guests, offering an unparalleled panoramic view spanning 280 degrees. Housing the largest continuous glass installation ever seen on a vessel, this suite boasts expansive windows and is complemented by a spa and gymnasium facilities.

Furthermore, the Funnel suite offers the unique possibility of expansion, with three adjacent suites that can be configured into a fifth level or utilized to accommodate accompanying security personnel. While the concept of placing the largest suite atop the funnel is innovative, it finds precedence in Disney Cruise Lines Inc.'s offering, featuring a suite of comparable proportions aboard the Disney Wish. Yet, what truly sets the Four Seasons 1 apart is its cutting-edge automated system, capable of transforming its layout into over 100 configurations, catering to every whim of its esteemed guests.

The vessel boasts a crew-to-guest ratio unprecedented outside the realm of luxury hotels, ensuring unparalleled personalized service.

Voyages of distinction

Among the ten meticulously curated itineraries—spanning the winter in the Caribbean and venturing forth to the Mediterranean come spring and summer—the Four Seasons Yachts charters a course akin to that of private yachts, navigating to secluded ports and exclusive destinations such as St. Barts, the idyllic Greek Islands, and glamorous St. Tropez. Scheduled to visit approximately 130 ports across 30 countries in 2025 alone, the reservation process begins with exclusive invitations extended to Four Seasons' esteemed patrons. Prospective guests are invited to secure their spot on the waiting list with a deposit of $10,000 per suite. Subsequently, reservations become available to the general public, albeit requiring private consultations with a designated travel agent or "yacht concierge," ensuring a bespoke and unforgettable journey for every fortunate traveler aboard the Four Seasons 1.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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