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17 July, 2024
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Fun in the sun ahead this weekend

But don't pack away those umbrellas just yet


Hey there, weekend warriors! Get ready to soak up some sunshine because weak high pressure is in town, bringing mostly clear skies to the area. But don't pack away those umbrellas just yet - there might be some occasional clouds rolling in to keep things interesting.

Today's weather is looking like a mixed bag of sunshine and clouds. While the skies will start off mostly clear, expect some clouds to sneak in as the day goes on. Winds will be dancing from southwest to northwest, starting off light to moderate but picking up to a moderate breeze later on. If you're hitting the beach, watch out for a little choppy sea, especially in the afternoon along the west and south coasts. But hey, nothing can dampen our weekend vibes, right? Temperatures are climbing up to a balmy 30 degrees inland, 26 on the west coast, around 28 elsewhere along the coast, and a refreshing 23 degrees up in the mountains.

As the sun sets on another fabulous Friday, the skies will clear up once again, setting the stage for a perfect evening. Winds will shift mainly to the northwest, staying light with occasional moderate gusts. The sea will start to calm down, making it the perfect time for a sunset stroll along the shore. Temperatures will cool off a bit, dropping to a comfortable 16 degrees inland, around 18 on the coast, and a brisk 11 up in the mountains.

Looking ahead to the weekend and beyond, it's all clear skies and sunshine! Temperatures will gradually climb even higher, soaring well above the usual for this time of year. So grab your sunglasses, slather on that sunscreen, and get ready to make some sunny memories this weekend!

Stay safe, stay hydrated, and most importantly, stay fabulous, folks!

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