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Getting warmer this weekend

Temperatures expected to rise over the weekend, humidity and low clouds too


Mostly clear skies are expected throughout the weekend with periods of scattered clouds and humidity levels likely to rise due to a low pressure system.

Friday skies will remain mostly clear while low clouds are expected to appear in the afternoon mainly on the northern shores and out west.

A low pressure system is also affecting the area, causing absolute humidity levels to rise but relative humidity to drop which can reduce comfort even in coastal zones with lower temperatures. Absolute humidity had dropped earlier this week, but unlike absolute levels, relative humidity measures water vapor relative to air temperature.

Temperatures are expected to rise slightly over the weekend through Monday and remain slightly above normal averages

Winds are expected to pick up in the afternoon with very strong winds likely on and off on the southern coastline. Maximum highs are expected to reach 39 inland, around 32 in the east and south, and around 31 in all other coastal regions and up in the mountains.

In the evening, clear skies are expected but with chances of low cloud formations and light fog over local areas overnight. Minimum lows will drop to 21 degrees in the interior as well as in the north and out west, around 23 in the northern and eastern parts, while it will be around 19 in the mountains.

Clear weekend weather is in the forecast with mostly clear skies through Monday but also with increasing clouds on and off over local areas.

Temperatures are expected to rise slightly over the weekend and remain the same on Monday, roughly just above normal averages for this time of the year.

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