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Greece marks 1st anniversary of Tempi train accident

Demonstrators paint names of 57 victims, demand justice amid nationwide strikes

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

In a somber commemoration of the first anniversary of one of Greece's most significant train tragedies, demonstrators painted the names of the 57 victims from the Tempi accident in red outside the Parliament. This act took place as part of nationwide strikes, drawing attention to the devastating incident.

Earlier, thousands of individuals gathered in central Athens and various cities, demanding justice for the victims. Hellenic Police estimates indicated the presence of around 20,000 demonstrators in Athens, with a significant group heading towards the Hellenic Train offices in Haoutia.

Tensions escalated shortly after 2 am outside the Parliament when a small faction of demonstrators launched Molotov cocktails into the courtyard. Another round of incidents occurred at 3 pm on Panepistimiou Street, where unidentified individuals threw Molotov cocktails at the junction with Benaki Street. Yesterday marked a poignant remembrance of the tragic event that unfolded a year ago.Τέμπη: Εγραψαν τα ονόματα των θυμάτων μπροστά από τη Βουλή-1

Τέμπη: Εγραψαν τα ονόματα των θυμάτων μπροστά από τη Βουλή-2
Τέμπη: Εγραψαν τα ονόματα των θυμάτων μπροστά από τη Βουλή-3Photos by INTIME News

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