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Greek cargo ship survives Red Sea ambush unscathed

Greek-owned Zografia sails through assault with minor impact


In a concerning incident in the Red Sea, a cargo ship named Zografia, flying the Maltese flag and owned by Greece, faced an attack. Initial reports indicate that the vessel sustained minor damage during the assault.

Surprisingly, no Greek nationals were on board the ship at the time of the attack.

Ερυθρά Θάλασσα: Ελληνόκτητο φορτηγό πλοίο δέχτηκε επίθεση-1

The nature of the assault and the identity of the attackers remain under investigation, as maritime authorities work to piece together the details surrounding the incident.

Despite the unsettling event, there have been no reported injuries, and the Zografia continues to operate autonomously. The crew managed to navigate through the challenging situation, ensuring the ship's functionality.

The maritime community is closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing the need for heightened security measures in the region to safeguard vessels traversing these waters.

As investigations unfold, updates on the incident are anticipated, shedding light on the motives behind the Red Sea attack on the Greek-owned cargo ship.

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