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Group vows to bring road deaths among children down to zero

Thirteen kids under 14 lost their lives in the span of just one decade in Cyprus


Thirteen children in one decade lost their lives in traffic accidents in Cyprus, while a group advocating for safer roads vows to help turn that number into zero with a lot of hard work.

In 2004, 15% of all child deaths in Cyprus had to do with traffic accidents, according to REACTION, an NGO that aims at the development, prosperity and safety of Youth and Society.

The group also says approximately 16,400  persons aged up to 19 were killed in Europe in 2004 in road road-related accidents, making car collisions the number one cause of death in all of Europe.

A representative form the group also said that 135 persons under the age of 14 had been involved in some traffic violation between 2005 and 2009.

A new programme called Tales of the Road aims to educate young children on road safety and especially how to stay safe on a bicycle

But if one would focus just on children aged between 14 and 16, then that number is tenfold reaching 1309 persons, adding that these numbers are brutal but always tell the truth.

REACTION, which is also known for mounting campaigns to raise awareness among drivers, issued a statement saying “we can reach very good results in Cyprus, that is, have zero road deaths among persons aged 14 and under.

“But this has to be done with organised and professional work,” the statement said.

A new programme called “Tales of the Road” aims to educate young children on road safety and especially how to stay safe on a bicycle.

Tales of the Road, which include both a theoretical part and practical exercise, cover three main chapters: general knowledge on road safety, safe transport by car, and the correct use of a bicycle.

Cyprus left road safety on the back burner for years with a driving culture practically non-existent.

But following the accession into the EU in 2004, as well as people travelling both away and to the island, a new category of drivers has emerged demanding better road conditions and more education.

Recently, people took to the social media to comment on driving in Cyprus and authorities are heeding the call. It remains to be seen whether new efforts can have a positive impact and save lives.

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