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16 June, 2024
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Hail and isolated thunderstorms today

Cloudy conditions and light breezes


We have a fascinating weather scenario unfolding as a low-pressure system moves slowly eastward from the south of Cyprus. This system is set to influence our weather patterns throughout the day and into the evening.

What can you expect? Well, anticipate mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers and the occasional thunderstorm, possibly even some hail. Winds will be gentle, blowing mainly from the northeast to southeast, with speeds ranging from light to moderate, around force 3 to 4.

However, there could be some stronger gusts, especially early in the day, reaching force 4 to 5. The sea will be slightly choppy but nothing too alarming.

Temperatures will climb to a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius inland, along the southern and eastern coasts, while sticking around 21 degrees Celsius elsewhere along the coast. In the higher elevations, temperatures will hover at a cool 10 degrees Celsius.

As we move into the evening, expect partly cloudy skies with occasional bursts of heavier cloud cover, and the chance of isolated showers, particularly along the coast.

Winds will shift to the northwest to north, remaining gentle but occasionally picking up to a moderate force of 3 to 4. Temperatures will cool to 11 degrees Celsius inland, holding steady at around 13 degrees Celsius along the coast, and dropping to a chilly 3 degrees Celsius in the mountains, where frost may form.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, anticipate periods of increased cloudiness, with the possibility of isolated showers or thunderstorms, especially in the mountainous regions, inland areas, south, and east.

Thursday and Friday will see similar conditions, with intermittent cloud cover, isolated showers, and the occasional thunderstorm, particularly in the mountains.

Overall, temperatures will gradually rise over the coming days, offering a fascinating insight into the ever-changing weather patterns of Cyprus.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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