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Health Minister: Gradual easing of measures every two weeks

As part of the island's exit strategy, hospitals will be divided into two groups - coronavirus zones and 'clean' zones


Restriction measures will be gradually loosened every two weeks, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou told state broadcaster CyBC on Wednesday morning.

Ioannou noted that we will have to learn to live with the virus posing a danger to our lives, as it will be difficult to eradicate it completely, stressing that the method of contact tracing that has proven successful in the island’s coronavirus battle will continue to be applied.

The government on Wednesday began shedding light on the details of what is meant by a gradual easing of restriction measures, with Ioannou stating that measures will be steadily loosened on a bi-weekly basis so that the effects of the steady exit from the coronavirus lockdown situation can be adequately evaluated every step of the way.

The Health Minister noted that a rise in coronavirus cases is expected after each steady relaxation of measures, but said that the government has set what it considers to be a normal rise in cases, which if surpassed will see the resumption of strict restriction measures.

He added that as part of the gradual easing of restriction measures, which will see the resumption of normal activity in state hospitals, these will be divided into two groups.

One group will treat coronavirus cases and the other will be a ‘clean’ zone.

Ioannou said that the coming days will see a new decree that will allow the resumption of appointments at outpatient clinics, while scheduled surgeries will also gradually be allowed to take place.

A meeting between members of the Cabinet and the expert epidemiological group advising the government was chaired by President Nicos Anastasiades at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday, though all agreed to not take any decisions until it becomes clear whether the island will need to deal with the consequences of possible carelessness over the Easter weekend.

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