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Heatwave alert! Temperature soars to 34 degrees with hazy skies

Get ready for dusty atmosphere and sweltering heat, says Meteorological Service

Today is Tuesday, April 18th, and the Department of Meteorology forecasts mostly clear weather with temperatures rising up to 34 degrees Celsius inland. Winds will be predominantly southeast to southwest, and locally up to the northwest, with a light intensity of 3 on the Beaufort scale, and in the afternoon locally up to moderate 4. The sea will be slightly rough. On the west coast, temperatures will be around 26 degrees Celsius, around 28 degrees Celsius on the rest of the coast, and 23 degrees Celsius in the higher mountains.

Tonight, the weather will be mainly clear, but occasional mid-to-high clouds will increase. Winds will be northwest to northeast, and on the northern coast, southeast, with a light intensity of 3 on the Beaufort scale. The sea will be calm to slightly rough. Temperatures will drop to 13 degrees Celsius inland, around 15 degrees Celsius on the coast, and 12 degrees Celsius in the higher mountains.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 19th, the weather will be partly cloudy with medium to high clouds, and light showers are likely to fall locally.

Thursday and Friday will be partly cloudy at times, and isolated showers are likely, mainly in the mountains. Temperatures will gradually drop markedly on Wednesday and Thursday and will remain at the same level on Friday, to be close to climatic averages.

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