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The new four-legged resident of the Presidential Palace (photo)

The characteristics of the Presidential Palace's newest furry inhabitant

In addition to Nikos Christodoulides and his family, the Presidential Palace also houses the family's four-legged friend, Nala, a golden cocker spaniel. "K" tracked down the dog's trainer and owner of Rusti Dog, Charalambos Hadjivassilis, who spoke to "K" about the characteristics of the newest fluffy resident of the Presidential Palace two months after the new President of the Republic of Cyprus took office.

He is a friendly, social, playful, and energetic dog. Nala, who was raised at home, is doing well in the family and has now completed her training. When asked to describe Nala in one word, Mr. Hadjivasilis replied, "She is four-legged." It should be noted that cocker spaniels are great for families, are great swimmers, and have hunting roots.

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Nala is staying at the Rusti Dog Hotel.



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