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Greece hires law firm to block Turkey's 'Turkaegean' trademark

Athens sees the tourism campaign as a threat to its claims in the Aegean Sea

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Greece is attempting to prevent Turkey from trademarking its "Turkaegean" campaign used for tourism in the United States and the European Union. To do this, they have hired the Washington, DC-based law firm Steptoe & Johnson, which specializes in high-stakes litigation involving trade and border disputes.

Despite Turkey's disavowals, Athens perceives the "Turkaegean" campaign as an effort to deceptively influence US and EU opinions on Turkey's claims in the Aegean.

According to Kathimerini, Steptoe & Johnson will prepare a report supporting Greece's claims at a cost of around $70,000. The law firm's overall compensation is unknown.

Greece views the request for more information from the US Patent and Trade Office in February as a positive step towards stopping the patent process. However, a final verdict is unlikely to be reached before 2025.

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