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How close were the presidential election polls?

Predictions and actual election results for 2023

When the results of the ballot box for the 2023 presidential election are compared to the picture painted by pollsters prior to the election, it is clear that the pollsters were very close. However, Nikos Christodoulides did not have a respectable lead over the second-place finisher, and the final battle between the second and third-place finishers was not hand-to-hand.

Nicos Christodoulides received 32% of the vote, Andreas Mavroyiannis received 29.6%, and Averof Neophytou received 26.1%, according to the final results of the 2023 presidential election.

Out of the 552 thousand voters registered on the electoral rolls, 404 thousand voted. The number of people who did not vote was 156 thousand.

In the most recent Symmetron Market rolling poll for "K," Nicos Christodoulides received 34.2%, Andreas Mavroyiannis received 24.5%, and Averof Neophytou received 24.1%.

According to the most recent poll conducted by CYMAR on behalf of the Ant1 channel, Nicos Christodoulides received 32% of the vote, Andreas Mavroyiannis received 18%, and Averof Neophytou received 17%.

According to a poll conducted on behalf of the Sigma channel by Prime Consulting Ltd, Nikos Christodoulides had 30.3%, Averof Neophytou was second with 22.8%, and Andreas Mavroyiannis was third with 22%.

Nicos Christodoulides had 34.5% of the clarified voting intention in the poll conducted by CMRC Cypronetwork on behalf of RIK, Averof Neophytou had 29.5%, and Andreas Mavroyiannis had 28%.

Nikos Christodoulides received 26.5% in the most recent Novema poll for the newspaper "Politis," Averof Neophytou came in second with 21.4%, and Andreas Mavroyiannis came in third with 19.8%.

Nikos Christodoulides received 31.9% of the vote in the most recent Rai Consultants poll for Alpha Cyprus TV, Andreas Mavroyiannis received 22.9%, and Averof Neophytou received 20.1%.


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