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In Greece, a woman's place is in the kitchen

According to a Eurobarometer poll, close to 70% of Greeks who participated said the most important role of a woman is to take care of her home and family

According to a recent Eurobarometer poll, nearly 70% of Greeks agreed with the statement that "the most important role of a woman is to take care of her home and family," which is the highest percentage among non-ex-communist countries in Europe.

Specifically, 69% of the Greeks who participated in the poll agreed with this statement, a significantly higher percentage than the European average of 44%.

Only countries in the Eastern Bloc, including neighboring Bulgaria, had higher percentages, with Bulgaria having the highest at 81%. Surprisingly, in many countries, including Greece, women also gave similar answers.


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This is in contrast to the male stereotype that “the most important role of a man is to make money,” which was supported by 65% of Greeks, compared to the European average of 43%. The extremes were again in Bulgaria (81%) and Sweden (10%), where only a small percentage of inhabitants agreed with the position of women.

The phrase “we have become Sweden” is often used mockingly in Greece, as it represents licentiousness, but the survey results show that the opinions of Greeks are actually quite different from those of Swedes.

[With information from Greek City Times]

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