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Health Ministry reports 10 deaths and over 2000 cases of covid

A total of 1.364 deaths were recorded up until May with COVID-19 as the final (underlying) cause of death

Source: CNA

Ten deaths were announced by the Ministry of Health between April 21 to May 4 due to COVID-19 as well as 2.404 new cases.

An official press release said the deaths due to COVID-19 concerned seven men between the ages of 68-90 and three women between the ages of 86-92. All of them passed away between April 19 and May 3.

A total of 1.364 deaths were recorded up until May with COVID-19 as the final (underlying) cause of death.

In total, 33 patients are hospitalized in the hospitals of the State Health Services Organisation (SHSO) with two intubated in the ICU in serious condition.

The Ministry also said that a total of 82.817 diagnostic tests were performed and 2.404 new cases were identified, bringing the total number of cases to 660.854 and the positivity rate of all tests to 2,9%.

Consequently, an announcement from the Health Ministry was published today concerning updated covid protocols.  According to the announcement, the mandatory self-restriction in the Republic of Cyprus for cases diagnosed positive for COVID-19 has been lifted. However, guidelines to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the community are still in effect, which are: 

Obligation to use a protective mask: Employees and visitors over the age of 12 in hospitals, nursing homes, and other care and accommodation structures for the elderly and vulnerable groups must use a mask.

Obligation to examine: Demonstration of a negative 72-hour PCR or rapid test is necessary for visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and other closed structures for the care and accommodation of elderly and vulnerable groups. This is also required for newly arrived asylum seekers before their entry into the reception or detention centers and for new inmates in detention centers and prisons. The result is considered valid if it was done in a licensed clinical laboratory, pharmacy, or mobile unit of the Ministry of Health.

The maximum price of the PCR test is set at 25 euros, while the rapid test is at 5 euros.

For confirmed cases of COVID-19, the following guidelines are recommended:

Inform your personal physician about the positive result and about your related symptoms in order to obtain a medical assessment, relevant treatment, and sick leave if deemed necessary.

Isolate from other people for at least 5 days after diagnosis or as directed by your Personal Physician.

Wear a double disposable medical face mask or high protection mask (FFP2, N95) if you must be around other people for at least 10 days after diagnosis.

Avoid contact with people who are at increased risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19. This includes pregnant women, people aged 60 and over, and people who have a weakened immune system.

If symptoms develop or worsen, please inform your Personal Physician.

For close contacts of confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, here are the guidelines:

Close contacts, regardless of vaccination coverage and recent illness, are not required to self-restrict.

It is recommended for all contacts to carry out sampling at their own expense on the day of their notification and between the 3rd and 5th day from the date of their last contact with the case.

Close contacts are advised to avoid contact with vulnerable people, especially if they show any symptoms. In case of symptoms, please contact your Personal Physician and repeat the examination.

Finally, there are special protocols for managing positive cases who work or are hospitalized or reside in nursing homes, immigration reception centers, and closed structures.

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