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Cyprus outlines new approach to gender equality

Gender pay gap and disparities remain despite progress in education, says Commissioner for Gender Equality

Cyprus ranks 22nd out of 27 EU Member States in terms of gender equality, according to the European Institute for Gender Equality's Indicators, said Commissioner for Gender Equality Josie Christodoulou.

During a training meeting for the Network for Supporting the Implementation of Anti-Racist Policy, Christodoulou outlined the government's new approach to promoting gender equality and fighting discrimination. The first objective is to establish the Office of the Equality Commissioner to guide policy production, coordinate efforts, and monitor the implementation of equality policies.

The government will prepare a National Strategic Plan for Gender Equality in collaboration with all Ministries and Deputy Ministries, and they will develop their internal action plans to implement the National Equality Strategy. The government's priorities include enriching educational programs with actions that promote empathy, gender equality, and the prevention of violence against women.  They will expand the institution of STEAM schools and promote this approach in the general curriculum while combating gender stereotypes.

Christodoulou noted the gender pay gap in Cyprus reaches 9.9%, with a long-term impact on pensions, leaving women close to the poverty line. However, she highlighted that women and girls in Cyprus perform well in terms of education and academic qualifications, with an increase in the percentage of female higher education graduates from 35.1% in 2014 to 41.1% in 2022.

[Information from CNA]


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