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Baby among 19 new coronavirus cases

Cases reach 465, with experts expressing optimism over effectiveness of restriction measures but warn that the situation remains critical


Cases in the Republic of Cyprus reached 465 on Monday after 19 more people tested positive for the virus.

The 19 positive cases emerged from a bulk of 718 samples processed on Monday, scientists speaking at the Health Ministry’s daily briefing said.

The day’s confirmed cases involve nine people who were traced as contacts of other known cases, while authorities are still looking into the history of the remaining 10 people who tested positive.

Among the new cases is a baby at the Makarios hospital in Nicosia.

Six of the new coronavirus cases were among a batch of 508 samples collected within the Aradippou municipality which were processed in the framework of ongoing targeted sampling efforts, while one of the new confirmed cases involve a person who tested positive from among the 96 samples collected in Paphos for targeted sampling.

Of the 465 total coronavirus cases recorded in the Republic, nine have so far died as a result of their infection, while 45 have recovered from the virus.

The panel providing the day’s briefing said restriction measures currently in place are beginning to show proof of success, as numbers of people testing positive are steadily decreasing, but warned that the situation remains critical.

Confirmed cases in the north have reached 91, with two people so far succumbing to the virus.

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