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Inland continues to bake in hot weather

Yellow warning issued inland for the afternoon, cooler along the coast


A heat advisory continues Friday afternoon due to extreme high temperatures in the interior, with maximum inland highs trending upwards and milder temperatures expected along the coast throughout the weekend.

Weather officials have issued a yellow warning for Friday afternoon, effective from 12 noon until 4pm, citing “extreme high temperature” expected to rise to around 40° degrees Celsius inland.

A slight increase in maximum highs is expected inland and in the mountains by Sunday which will remain above normal levels on Monday as well

A low pressure system and a relatively warm front are affecting the area, with mostly clear skies on Thursday expected to last through the weekend.

Maximum highs are expected to reach 40° degrees Celsius inland, 32 on the west coast as well as in the mountains, while it will be 35 in all other coastal regions.

Evening weather is expected to remain mostly clear with chances of light fog and low clouds in parts of the eastern and southern coastal areas. Minimum lows will register up to 22 degrees in the interior as well as east and south, around 20 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 19 in the mountains.

Milder temperatures along the coast are expected to remain the same while a slight increase in maximum highs is expected inland and in the mountains by Sunday. Temperature highs in the interior will remain the same Monday, just slightly above normal averages for this time of the year.

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